Kelly Ineck

"6% in 6 Weeks"

So I’m on my 5th week of a 6 week challenge. The challenge is to lose 6% in 6 weeks doing a FightFit class and following a meal plan. I have followed the meal plan, and by doing a weekly meal prep it has been easy. I fell off the wagon a couple of times-but I made sure it wasn’t a habit. I love the classes and never felt out of place because I have never worked out in a gym before. The “Trainers” were all great, and I have met some really nice people. I did my first CrossFit class tonight and had a great experience. I am joining this gym because I am so happy with my results but have a ways to go and then I want to maintain my fitness. I also am happy to announce that I will have lost my 6% in 6 weeks! I also just enrolled my 7 year old in a youth wrestling class that is going during CrossFit, so we both get some gym time in.(They also have a tumbling class at the same time if you have a child that would rather do that).

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