Corporate Memberships

Purchase or subsidize your employee's memberships

Offering a quality employee benefits plan offers many advantages for your business- reducing turnover, attracting quality employees, increasing satisfaction and improved productivity. These all result in an improved your bottom line.


The best reason to offer health and wellness benefits is to show you’re employees that you care about their lives outside of work. Employees that believe their employer cares about them are often healthier and happier. They are more focused at work and are more productive. They take less days off and they often report a higher quality of life.


Beyond the scope of the average fitness facility our unique brand of fitness builds up the morale character of the individual. Our clients find:

  • Increased well-being, improved self-image and higher self-esteem
  • Improved coping skills with stress or other health factors
  • Increased motivation, satisfaction, and fulfillment


Consider purchasing or subsidizing your employee’s memberships.  Memberships include:

  • High Quality Coaching
    • Teaching Movements
    • Preventing injury
  • Planned Workouts
    • Focused on general health and full mobility
  • Nutrition Consulting
    • General tips and tricks
    • In-depth macro plans
  • Attendance and Results Tracking
    • Data tracking lets you see what you’re paying for

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