Costum designed employee challenges built around your desired outcomes

Why run an in-office challenge?

A well-thought out well run challenge can be a great way to build excitement and unity among your team. It gives people across different departments that don’t interact much that opportunity to collaborate. It creates a buzz and gives employees something to talk about.  Especially during this time while employees are spread out working from home it can give them something to connect with other than the struggles of our current post-COVID reality.


What types of challenge should you run?

It all depends on what goals you have: nutrition, exercise, sleep, holistic wellness. Do you want the challenge to be more about having fun or do you want big results? Maybe you want to go more in-depth and integrate some of your businesses KPIs as well. Literally anything is doable.

How do we assist you?

Pulling off a worth while challenge successfully can be difficult without an experienced HR person can be costly. It will require a large amount of time and attention from you our a staff member that could better be spent on your business. That’s where we come in. We handle everything promotion, education, and execution. No extra work for you. Just sit back and reap the rewards.


After contacting us you’ll meet with one of our challenge administrators to discuss your business’s core values, company culture, and desired outcomes. We’ll than create the perfect challenge for you.

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