NO DIETING just healthy habits

Let us show you how to look sexier, feel healthier, sleep better, and have energy for the kids all while enjoying the things you love. 

Hi, my name is Alex

I’m 34, I’m a family guy, I work 60hr weeks, I’m a wrestling coach, I go to church, I’ve got a social life, I like Netflix, and I have an intense love affair with nachos!!


My whole life I was fit and healthy  but then in 2016 I opened a gym and within months I was in the worst shape of my life. I gained 25 pounds, I only worked out twice a month, I never slept, and I felt horrible. As a fitness professional/coach for years I had doubted peoples excuse’s and chalked it up to lack of desire. Then, overnight, I was going through the same struggles I’d been listening to for so long. 


Things got better though, not all of a sudden, it actually got worst for a bit, but eventually I was able to find some tools that helped me improve the balance in my life. My nutrition improved. I started getting my workouts in. I slept more. I was able to start setting goals and keeping them. Join my 4 WEEK CHALLENGE and let me show you how!

Lazy Macros Challenge

July 6th - August 7th

Take 4 easy steps!!


  • Add a healthy quantity of fruits and vegetables

  • Eat plenty of proteins

  • Get 30 mins of activity

  • Recover





  • The knowledge to get started

  • The framework to get going

  • Accountability to stick with it


Lazy Macros Challenge

July 6th - August 7th

Here’s what happens after you sign up:

  • July 1st – Kick Off-Meeting
    • It’ll be recorded and sent to those that can’t attend
  • July 6th – Challenge begins
    • M/W/F  read Nutrition & Healthy Habits emails
    • Receive daily optional workout plans
    • Record daily point totals via app
    • Weekly prize raffles
  • Aug 7 – Point Leader Grand Prize Awarded
  • Aug 8 – New you sets new goals


Amitys success story

"I’m still a work in progress, but I am thrilled with how far I’ve come"

“My weight was affecting every aspect of my life. While the physical issues that came with being severely overweight were difficult, the emotional and mental impact it was having was even worse. I didn’t enjoy activities with my family. I felt like I ...

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Cinthia Villanueva

"Amazing coaches"

Super friendly environment. I love being a part of this community and working hard with the extra encouragement and great music it has.”...

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Dustins success story

"Thirty three pounds and four waist sizes"

Transformations never happen over night. They take time and require a lot of patience, dedication, and determination, Over the course of four years, Dustin managed to lose thirty-three pounds as well as drop four waist sizes!...

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Mannys success story

"Coaches that believed in me"

“I was at 235lbs (26% body fat) when I began my fitness journey and thanks to Sergeant’s Fitness I was able to cut down to 192lbs (17% body fat) in just under a year.  This was all possible thanks to the awesome coaches that believed in me and never ...

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Jennifers success story

"An amazing group of people"

"I'm so passionate about Sergeant's and the community I receive there. I definitely couldn't have done this journey without it! Normally I'd die before showing anyone these photos but I also want to do all I can to help anyone else struggling along their ...

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Taras success story

"Found my gym family"

“I had been working out at home doing mostly cardio related workouts. At the time my son had been wrestling with Sergeant’s for years. I always was nervous to do weights, I thought I would bulk up. I started working out at Sergeant’s and learned so ...

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Tricia Hawkes

Tricia Hawkess success story

"Quality training"

“Friendly, good quality training, and I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been in in my life! And I ENJOY working out again!! Win-win!””...

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Lazy Macros Challenge

July 6th - August 7th