Success stories from local Caldwell members

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  • Found my gym family

    “I had been working out at home doing mostly cardio related workouts. At the time my son had been wrestling with Sergeant’s for years. I always was ner

  • Coaches that believed in me

    “I was at 235lbs (26% body fat) when I began my fitness journey and thanks to Sergeant’s Fitness I was able to cut down to 192lbs (17% body fat) in jus

  • An amazing group of people

    "I'm so passionate about Sergeant's and the community I receive there. I definitely couldn't have done this journey without it! Normally I'd die before sho

  • Thirty three pounds and four waist sizes

    Transformations never happen over night. They take time and require a lot of patience, dedication, and determination, Over the course of four years, Dustin

  • Stepped out of my box

    I'm entering my 7th week sith Sergeants' Fitness! I've nevr really done anything like this. I'm so gad I stepped out of my box, walked into this building b

    katie flores
  • Quality training

    “Friendly, good quality training, and I’m now in the best shape I’ve ever been in in my life! And I ENJOY working out again!! Win-win!””

    tricia hawkes
  • I’m still a work in progress, but I am thrilled with how far I’ve come

    “My weight was affecting every aspect of my life. While the physical issues that came with being severely overweight were difficult, the emotional and me

  • Incredible

    Incredible atmosphere the place looks great and the coaches are excellent.

    ryan goff
  • So glad I did!

    I ended up here because my husband signed me up for a 6 week fitness challenge. I am so glad he did! From the first class, I have been hooked. I have been

    andrea philips
  • Pushing to new heigths

    Everyday I push myself to new lengths and it's all because of all the support I get from everyone at the gym. Alex (owner) takes much pride in making sure

    clarissa lucero
  • I highly recommend

    So glad I joined this gym! The coaches are awesome and are always there to motivate you and help you do your best! I always feel like I'm improving and doi

    adam byers
  • I love this place

    I love this place I have never liked working out or been athletic it was completely out of my comfort zone. Now I go no less than 3 times and look forward

    michelle natali
  • 6% in 6 Weeks

    So I’m on my 5th week of a 6 week challenge. The challenge is to lose 6% in 6 weeks doing a FightFit class and following a meal plan. I have followed the

    kelly ineck
  • So impressed

    I have been so impressed with the whole experience at Sergeant Fitness. I have joined other gym programs before and didn’t go back because I didn’t fee

    kristie williams
  • Amazing coaches

    Super friendly environment. I love being a part of this community and working hard with the extra encouragement and great music it has.”

    cinthia villanueva
  • Best decision ever

    If it wasn’t for the kindness and patience of the owners and trainers I probably would’ve quit with in the first couple weeks to be honest. Joining thi

    inez larrusea
  • ...better results in two months

    Definitely don't join this gym if you like to be forgotten. Or if you don't like feeling stronger. I was casually going to another gym in this dear valley

    jill washburn
  • Absolutely ecstatic

    Absolutely ecstatic with the results I'm getting from Sergeant's! great workouts, motivating, and definatly a program that works!!!

    debra rowlett okamura
  • Amazing

    First off this gym is AMAZING! Several different classes for all body types and levels of fitness. My first class was hard but not so hard I couldn't move

    shannon buck


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